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Default VSTi crashes - solutions?

Hi all,

I see there is a thread similar to my question, so I'm wondering if I should report affected VSTis here instead. http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=698

However, my actual question is this: when a VSTi crashes and stops producing sound, is there a way to refresh it without reloading the project? I've got some monster projects happening and it is so frustrating to have to reload the whole thing just to get sound back for one instrument. Clear cache/rescan doesn't work. I've even tried clearing all plugins from the track and replacing them with new, different VSTi and it does nothing. It's like once the track is dead, it's dead.

Btw, I get this issue with all VSTi. Seems to happen most often when I'm moving quickly in the midi editor...?
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