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Default Themes not changing the main edit/arrange window?

I've been trying out some new themes lately, and despite a few hiccups I've been enjoying it quite a bit. There's some very talented people working on these themes.

But I have noticed one thing. I've got a few different variations of Rado to choose from (Rado 4, Rado Blue, etc.) but I've noticed that when I change themes the main edit/arrange window does not change its colors to match the pic of the theme from the stash.

My current fave is from Rado Blue but I also wanted to try Rado Blue Light because of it's nearly white arrange window background. But when I load it up and switch to it, everything changes the way it's supposed to except the main window stays the same. I'm checking my resource folders to make sure I'm drawing from the correct theme folder and everything's right where it should be.

Any help with this problem would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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