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Default Looking for help finding a really old song

So I'm trying to find a song I used to love years ago. I lost it when my computer crash and was never able to find it ago and until recently had really forgotten all about it.
The only thing about it that I can remember is that it was from ninjam and it was about chopping baby's

Attached convo has additional details that may help.
Any help able to point me in the right direction would be great.

(8:41:47 PM) dfosgk: the only song that eludes me is the baby chopper song
(8:42:06 PM) Meg: aww why did you remind me
(8:42:10 PM) Meg: its from ninjam
(8:42:18 PM) Meg: and the title was baby chop
(8:42:25 PM) Meg: but that's all I remember
(8:42:38 PM) dfosgk: it's nigh impossible to find
(8:42:40 PM) dfosgk: =[
(8:42:43 PM) dfosgk: and i wanna hear it man
(8:44:46 PM) Meg: maybe you could email the owners and ask if they made back ups
(8:45:14 PM) Meg: oh they have a forum now too
(8:45:17 PM) Meg: try asking
(8:45:26 PM) dfosgk: i asked on the forum like 2 years ago lol
(8:45:26 PM) Meg: got that song back when ninjam was new
(8:45:30 PM) Meg: 2005 or something
(8:45:34 PM) dfosgk: everyone said they never heard of it
(8:45:52 PM) Meg: did you tell them it was one of the very first songs posted?
(8:46:52 PM) Meg: it was from when the site was still all black with just a download link and a long list of sample songs
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