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Default experienced BCF users !

I am in doubt about whether I should buy a BCF next to my BCR. I have not bought a BCF at the time because I was afraid that the faders would fail me after a year or so. So, I'd like to ask experienced BCF users: has anyone had problems with the motorized faders (like the motors malfunctioning and/or dust deteriorating the performance)?
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well i got mine in 2001/2... and has spent most of its time in an outbuilding that only has anti-frost heating when not in use, so it does get chilly too - not best environment for electronics i think.

i have found this year that it needs to warm up a bit if cold to midi connect properly but otherwise no problems whatsoever in all that time, particularly with the faders.

even if a motor failed - got sticky etc. opening the unit up is not that tricky (just lots of screws) and they are standard little things seem easy to replace.

no doubt there are horror stories of faders exploding after 10 minutes or something, but no evidence of that here. but thats one unit, so see what others say i guess.

am tempted by an additional bcr actually if i find a cheap one..
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One of my bcfs was bstock, had it 6 months now with no problems The other one was 3rd hand and the electrics had been taken out of the shell (so it could be mounted in a frame)

I put the 2nd one together and it's always worked fine. No issues with mine although some behringer gear seems to be crap, the bcfs haven't had a single problem.
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