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Default Tempo changes

So there's a bar with a numerical field where I can enter the global BPM.

Is it possible to freely change the song tempo in several places?
And gradually?

I mean telling the project somehow that the tempo is expected to change from measure X to measure Y with some slope.
And a e.g. guitar recorded as wave, during such a tempo change, is supposed to follow that by the musician actually playing those tempo changes while recording.
But the project obviously needs to know, logically, that the tempo changes are supposed to happen, or nothing will match (e.g. recorded audio vs. MIDI tracks)
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Double click the tempo markers to make them gradual ones. I haven't tried in a while, but using gradual tempo shifts in projects with MIDI can be disastrous. It's more reliable for me to just set a new bpm every measure for gradual changes. If it's one or 2 bpm, it will be easy to adjust to.

To me, the best solution for recording stuff with changing tempo is to do so without a metronome. You can use sws actions to move the grid and align it to the audio later. This way you can preserve the feel of the music without a lot of prep and you still can use the grid. It's pretty hard to get the tempo right ahead of time.
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Ah, thanks,

I also just found this (googling yesterday somehow didn'T yield stuff like that), this seems to be exactly what I was looking for:

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