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Default Theme and Usage Question...In ONE?

Looking at jumping into this theme thing a bit, but before I start even attempting to develop what I have in mind, a couple of questions, hopefully you people a lot more experienced/smarter that I am can help with...

1) Can a default EQ be written in to each channel, display and all, with one of the knobs as a 'push to activate/bypass?'

2) If this is possible, could a 3rd party EQ (Waves, UAD, whatever) be used in lieu of Cuckos' EQ?

3) Pushing my luck,could a Reaper Compressor be defaulted on the mixer screen as well?

4) In Reaper, are plugs pulling CPU when they are inserted but not active?

(Note 1: the thing that has always bothered me about DAW mixers is the lack of consistency, as there are on hardware mixers...having some way to mimic this would greatly enhance the Reaper mixer function and serviceability I think)

(Note 2: The last 3 projects I mixed for local clients were done completely inside Reaper, using only the plugs provided by the company...just sounded better than our Waves, UAD, and other brands... considering our DAW and hardware tools, that is saying something I believe.)

Thanks for the info
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1) not in the way you're hoping for. you can insert an EQ and save the track as a track template. You can display the controls of the plug (any plug) as rotary knobs on the track (no push buttons). To bypass a plug, just shift+click it in the plug in area on the track (alt+click deletes). This has little to do with theming.

2)The method described in 1) can be done with any plug-in.

3)The method described in 1) can be done with any plug-in.

4)There are two ways to deactivate plugs. One is to bypass it, the other is to 'offline' it (right click on the plug to see the options). If i remember right the latter will prevent it from using CPU.
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