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Default Sampling project

Hello everybody,

I planned recently to buy a little digital amp with coaxial input and output for listening to my songs mixed on reaper. It can take 192ooohz.
(In French, sorry)
I have an ua-55 quad capture with sampling rate going up to 192000hz.
Will I actually manage to finish a project at 96000 hz (I start at this rate. Wiser)and listen to it on this amp:

-Reaper crashes when I input 96000hz as a default rate in the project configuration window.(During the same time, my sound card goes to back to a blinking 44100 hz)
-If I enter 96000 kz only in preferences, my Roland soundcard goes back automatically at 44100hz
Do you think, things will synchronize once I will have really plugged in a the numeric amp?
Otherwise I am not sure it's well spent money buying this amp.
A little help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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