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Default What's happening here? Some splits behave normally, others...

It seems as if a file has gotten underneath what I'm editing so that instead of cleanly splitting and leaving blank space behind when I move it, there's A) a file in that space when I separate the regions, and B) fades start going bonkers on the moved regions. The item that happens to be under is a room tone, so it looks like no file, or silence, but it's not. But I didn't put it there : ) At least not intentionally. Here's a gif of the normal split and move that I'm doing on this and also one of this behavior I want to nullify.


It's randomly all over this several hour file which I partially already rough edited. Only things I did was to very occasionally glue sections where I needed to glue down a small bit of eq (to take care of plosives, etc). Maybe I hit a key and started something I can't figure out how to stop.

Thanks for any wisdom on this : )
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