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Default Windows Media Player

Hello to all: I am new to this forum and know little about the technical side of audio recordings. I recently downloaded REAPER via Major Geeks and recorded some audio files from a cassette tape machine. I "rendered" them as .wav files. When I attempt to play them back using Windows Media Player, I receive an error message telling me that I do not have the correct "codecs". Following the Windows error message links has not been very helpful. Window Media Player will play other .wav files but not those recorded with REAPER.

I have been able to play the REAPER .wav files with other audio players that I also downloaded from Major Geeks.

The audio files are recordings of testimony given at a public meeting that I wish to be able to share with others folks that will likely not have any other audio player other than Windows Media Player.

Does anyone have any helpful suggestions or can someone guide me to a location to obtain the "codecs" I need. I am assuming that others would need the same "codecs" if this is the problem.

Thank you.
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You should render to 16 bit - Reaper defaults to 24 bit professional standard otherwise.



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yeah, not a problem of codecs (although the error says this). your audio-driver (seems it's mme, not wdm?) doesn't accept this format => windows media player bring up this error message ...
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