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Default key maps and bindings configs question

i haven't seen this in the searches i've done so far so i'm asking here.

here's a scenario: two types of workflows, one simple, the other more complex, say stereo pocast editing and film surround mixing. in each, i'd like to use the numpad keys for different bindings to different tasks. an example might be that i'd want to use the numpad keys to call custom actions for cleaning up pauses in a podcast and, in the other, to use the numpad keys to call my custom actions for prepositioning in the surround field.

1. can i have two different sets of key bindings like this?
2. would i do that by export/import of the 'Cursors and keymaps' and 'Actions and key bindings' configurations?
3. do i need both?

in a nutshell, i want to toggle between using the keys for calling different sets of commands.


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yes afaik you can do that with import and export and change the key bindings as per what you exported..... suggest make and keep a back up in case you mess up

but I have done exactly what you are asking for a few people... in other words make a hot key set just for them and send it to them
...should be fixed for the next build... http://tinyurl.com/cr7o7yl
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thanks, hopi. much appreciated.
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