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thanks Heda for that easy solution to the track numbering thing... that works good enough for me...
...should be fixed for the next build... http://tinyurl.com/cr7o7yl
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Originally Posted by Robert Randolph View Post
It appears that the track inspector hidden channel thing is still trying to use dpMeter2:

So, I needed to delete the "______Track_Inspector 1" track, uninstall Track Inspector VIP, reinstall it...

And now this is fixed. It uses dpMeter3 correctly.
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never mind lol

THANK you, this thing is really, really nice

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Hey HeDa! With the 5.95 pre 4 we have now a reaper.TrackList_AdjustWindows() that will also update the scroll bar, when hiding / showing tracks!
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+ API: TrackFX/TakeFX_ Set/Get Offline

Does this mean that this can be solved finally? :

Originally Posted by HighVoltage View Post
Freezing track, and then unfreezing, correctly remembers offline and bypassed plugins states.

Freezing track, and then using the versions panel to go back to unfreezed version, puts all offline plugins online.

I've reported this before, but related:
This also happens when freezing folder tracks with 'archive children' enabled. The Folder track remembers the offline FX states when unfreezed, but none of the children do
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