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Originally Posted by jinotsuh View Post
You may find yourself finding little bits of Cakewalk on your drives far into the future, they have, and always have had the most untidy install I have ever come across, you have files and folders from arse hole to breakfast, and uninstalling the regular way doesn't remove anywhere near all of the crap.
In comparison with MS, CW is almost "clean". To have real fun, try to demo and then un-install AutoCAD

Cakewalk has the word "Cakewalk" in almost everything it installs. I mean searching for this word in the registry and in the file system will show 99.9% of the staff in question.
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Originally Posted by gofer View Post
How is the render command called in CbB which decides itself how long the tail should be? I couldn't find it.
It doesn't - you have to set it, just like in Reaper...
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