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Originally Posted by MikComposer View Post
Thanks I also accept checks

Will be evaluating cakewalk later more, but at first glance it was pretty sweet. I loaded demo track, and went to play a bit with making solo guitar sound better, and all was pretty intuitive.
Yep - FWIW I am a refugee froM Sonar - started at cakewapk studio v9 and baled on Sonar at 8.5, then re-upped to Sonar Professional a while back when they made me an offer I couldnt refuse.
Frankly my original decision to move to Reaper was made primarily because of performance and reliability issues with Sonar 8.5 which may well still be there. I havent taken the tiome to really test the "new" cakewalk out that much but at least all my existing Sonar plugins followed into cakewalk.

I cant really see me switching back, but it will be nice to have my pick of backup DAW stay current. Although I always found Sonars MIDI composing & editing easier to work with than Reaper`s, the gap has been narrowing rapidly of late.
Have fun with it.
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Originally Posted by Edgemeal View Post
Possibly useful for those still lurking here,...

Cakewalk Help Center - Getting Started + Q & A.

How to get/install Cakewalk (by OBEDIA)

Get started with Cakewalk (by OBEDIA)
Thank you. Up and running now. This must be the thing for kids with no money. Instruments, loops and stuff. Very generous of Cakewalk.
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Lurking since Day 1. Finally jumped in, mostly out of curiosity as Reaper was first and only DAW experience.
Followed their simple instructions and all seems good so far. Like @ Tod, was puzzling over misc stuff and install just initiated and completed in (2) separate passes.

Appreciate the various tips and links !! No clue where this will end, but always up for checking out new stuff.

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