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Default VST Holiday Specials?

I'm coming from Ableton into Reaper, as such I never invested in stand-alone plug-ins.

So far I've found:
Addictive Drums - tried them last night, SOLD on them after trying them demo.

Lounge Lizard - LOVED these guys before Ableton incorporated their IP and totally f--------ed up the presets in doing so.

and the LOADS of free stuff from Cockos and JS, so much to dig into.

I need a MIDI SCALE plug in so I can fake playing keys. (cales below)

I'd love to get a synth with great sounds and a GUI that lets me engineer my own sounds. I'm not a fan of turning knobs without understanding them.

I want to jam with my guitar - rock drums, old organs

my wife sings and I've NEVER played with vocal plug-ins (hard to get her to sit still).

I love making hip hop beats.

I love late 90s Progressive House, Trance, smooth house music, the old mushroom jazz days...

I don't want a set of EDM tools.

I found this last night
cales is hidden on their site? download from that link then go to their main page for more MIDI goodness. haven't tried them yet, they're donationware.

lurking this site:

but would absolutely prefer to buy direct from the mfg. I want cheap software but I support the cause.

edit - might as well list sites while I'm browsing.
Line6 has a 30% off sale

UA Audio has 60% off

www.kv331audio.com has 60% off
their Synthmaster is on my radar as well as Sylenth. I want VA and Wavetable, then a Sampler to replace Ableton's Sampler/Simpler.

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