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Default Polymetric projects (simultaneous metronomes/multiple grid view)

It would be awesome if there were seperate metronomes inside one project that could work simultaneously.

I recently picked up producing some progressive rock stuff, it was quite fun. I noticed that the different tracks were playing in different time signatures, resulting in a complex polymetric effect. For the needs of the project, I created clicks via midi, rendered them, imported them as audio (if there is a better idea, please share).
That could be much easier achived if there were seperate, simultaneous metronomes assignable to a track, group or folder.

It would also be usefull if the gridlines would be moded according to every "child" metronome just for the tracks this metronome affects.
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dunno if it helps you or not, but you can have separate project tabs at different tempi, synced & playing together
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