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Default unpacking/repacking themes

For some reason (I've probably pressed something I shouldn't have) I cannot switch to my unpacked theme to test changes. The ctl + page up/down shortcut takes me to a really old configuration nothing like the theme I'm working on. There are layouts listed for this theme and I don't have the skill/experience to make anything other than a default. If I repack it all it works as it should. It's just when the theme is unpacked I cannot view my changes by recycling the theme or switching themes and then back again.
If I unpack default 5 that works fine, so maybe a line of code I'm missing?

The steps:

I unzip my useless.ReaperThemeZip to useless_unpacked.ReaperTheme.Zip.
Extract the contents "extract here" (into ColorThemes folder) using 7Zip or using "extract all" from the right click menu.
Then I delete the contents of the zip folder. I work on the rtconfig or add an image then save everything.
If I click the useless_unpacked.ReaperTheme I get the Reaper default settings, nothing of mine.
So, everytime I have to repack the folder useless_unpacked and useless_unpacked.ReaperTheme into the zip folder and rename it back to a .Zip file before it will run as I expect it to.
The Reaper Options>themes menu shows useless_unpacked but when I select it I get the default/standyby Reaper theme and it's associated layouts, again, none of my work.
When it's zipped up I get what I expect. Which is an ugly duckling of a theme but at least it's my own work. It lists correctly in the options menu and is selectable/switchable.

Anyone had this problem/ got a fix for it?
I don't think I will live long enough to complete a full theme at my current pace.


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