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Default 90% of Custom Reaper Themes only make the mixer look cool

The mixer will look really cool but then all the buttons will be discombobulated and in different places.
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If you find one you like - did you try donate to get the finalized version?

Quite a lot is fixed, like resizing and how buttons flow and wrap or not etc.

You won't believe the amount of work involved doing a full theme.

To me Konzentration is the most developed and actually working like the originals for Reaper. A lot of work is put on making mixer resizing making the right items deminish into compact look.

Not for those wanting 100 colors on everything, but clarity and easy for eye to spot what you look for.

I just miss the regular I/O button to drag-n-drop a send. But it works in mixer view and drag a send slot to track header.
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I don't even use the mixer and hence Default 1.8 is the only theme I can settle on. Every other theme, especially White Tie's and the free Albert ones, make a total mess of the TCP and it's unuseable to me. TCP gets scaled way more than the mixer does, and that needs to be taken into account. Some themes have FX, Solo, and Mute buttons completely disappear at small scalings while emphasizing much less relevant things, like track number.

Polarity flip or FX... which is more valuable? The space is there for both, anyway.

No labels except for small red dots under FX insert

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True. So the theme you created and made available for free is better in this regard, thats very cool
i like the default theme the most!
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There are a few quirks, due to the way I use it, but this is my take on a tcp only theme. (Mostly based on Brawn Bespoke and Blended)

There is a mixer layout but all that does is get rid of all the 'mixer' bits and keep the sends and inserts so you can have an inspector for the selected track so you can easily get to the bits they still haven't made walterable in the tcp (as in not behind a button).

If anyone wants to improve it then please feel free! And of course if you feel the need for more / better TCP focused themes then please do get on with making and sharing them, all these mixers are very pretty but they are functionally useless to me.

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I made 6 TCP layouts for Imperial, based on what my testers (who all had multiple big screens) were asking for. Not a good example.

When developing a theme its not uncommon to get no feedback on TCP design whatsoever. Nothing. Not a sausage. Peversely, however, waltering the TCP is just about the most time consuming bit of making a theme. So I suggest skipping meta-threads like this and instead making your requests for TCP functionality in theme threads, and reinforcing best practice when you see it. Everyone here wants to make or use the good stuff.

Also, consider for a moment that there might be a truckload of themes with considered and detailed TCP design, but that they just don't generate much chatter.
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I do 90% of my work in the mixer, so it works for me!
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Originally Posted by Andy Hamm View Post
I do 90% of my work in the mixer, so it works for me!
Good for you.

Somewhat counter intuitively I find the mixer useless for mixing but I don't mind it for recording (especially on my portable rig).

WT, I guess I'm more sensitive to them, as I'm a TCP user, but I see plenty of posts from folk who identify as TCP only users with requests and suggestions for more tcp features. Fair enough, the feedback that designers need to make a better TCPs (or the Walter resources to do it) might not be there, maybe it's because us TCP users don't realise that the only reason they've posted photorealistic picture of a mixer as the intro to their new theme is because they haven't had any feedback on the TCP? (yes, I'm being overly dramatic because I know the good guys (like you and Janne to name just two) normally post both).

If there are a boatload of TCP themes then I'm really missing something as I have been through most of them and very few meet the mark of what I need (I know this is unfair because I'm just a solitary loon...)

For me the thing that I don't like about most TCP layouts is the use of a mixer fader for the volume control, it consumes too much space and is not (for me) quick to look at and understand where it's set to. That's why my theme has coloured sliders, far smaller and a lot quicker to draw info from.

I would probably make use of a knob with a coloured ring for pan if I had the knobman / pink line chops but-to date I've not been able to get it working.

Anyway, most themes would be much more usable to me if they had a 'sliders' TCP layout that did away with some of the Skeuomorphic elements that seem to drive a lot of MCP led themes. If any theme developers want input from a TCP user who's keen to see the standard of TCPs in themes improve then please let me know and I'll happily give you thoughts and feedback on your TCP design (as I'm sure a number of other members here will).
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I most often work in a TCP-arrangement view, because it allows me to see the material, and I have only one 1920x1200 monitor to work with.

The default theme is the one I keep coming back to because it makes the things I have become accustomed to obvious, i.e. easy to see at a glance.

I need access to the automation button because of the context menus and to see what automation mode the track is currently set to. This includes the fader background colouration that indicates the type of mode it is (Read/Trim, Read, Latch/Touch or WRITE).

I need access to the FX button, though I'm using midi-triggers to access individual plugin GUIs more often now. Still, it's necessary often enough.

The fader, or an indication of the current level of volume automation is important to me as well for visual feedback.

A lot of the themes I've tried obscure these elements to some degree, and thus become the less efficient choice, and I can't have that.

I've long thought I might combine my favorite TCP designs with my favorite MCP designs, but that would be an investment of time and effort in an already busy life, and I am not willing to give up other endeavors for that.

Such are my priorities. That's one of the reasons I appreciate designs so much that I find visually efficient.

Above all else, efficiency concerning my mixing and editing workflows is paramount to me. I see little value in making quick aesthetic judgements any longer.

Good themes take user testing and more user testing to develop IMHO, and the default v4 theme is a product of that. Most themes have ventured far less down such a path that takes a lot of time and work to travel.
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I would love to be able to see the FX, sends AND the material in a single view (see Tracktion for one example) - this is more than a matter of skinning of course - perhaps an additional hedeable panel? - also the UI also needs improvement in the parameter controls on the TCP - I know that noone on the Cockos team is a designer and skinning can only get you so far...
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