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Default EMU Xboard drivers & software

Anyone know of a version of the above drivers and software that works OK with Win10? My keyboard had been working great with very occasional hiccups unti a recent Win 10 update. Now it seems to show up OK but reaper and the Emu app software seem to have trouble connecting or even finding the damn thing.
Last ditch effort before I give up and buy a replacement board.

P.S. Any suggestions on a CHEAP 61 key MIDI keyboard? Doesnt have to be a fancy controller.

EDIT: As you were!

It would appear that my floppy drive bay-mounted USB sockets are on their way out. Tried the Xboard in several other sockets & the only ones it doesnt work in are the two front panel ones!
Looks like five or six GB pounds is going to save me buying anotehr keyboard!
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