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Default Need new Hardware that really works

My computer finally died after 10 plus years. So I'm getting, buying or building, a new one, BUT I want more, like a mixer or ?I don't know what? that will let me control Reaper and record way more more than the 2 track USB limit.
Seems like whatever I type in I get USB results, it should be doing way more than 2 track recording now but it still doesn't.The speed is there are the designers just too lazy to make one? Or have they and I just can't find it? You can get up to 32 cores in PC now and mountains of RAM cheap. I still remember the day we all celebrated when RAM dropped to unheard of $1 a meg that was WOW territory.
I want something to connect the instruments to Reaper in a computer I don't need an engineers degree to use. Mic up a huge drum kit and the rest of the band. Hit record and capture the fun and soul of all of it at the same time.
I don't think that's too much to ask for in 2018. But I haven't won the lottery so it will be one piece at a time.

I've tried searching with about zero results. Like, I tried sound cards, audio cards and they were all showing me interfaces like the Focus-rite 2i2 instead of actual sound/audio cards you insert into the mother board, and plug into the back of, or some other way of output, search multi-track recording you get 1000 USB suggestions, those still only allow 2 track. I want way more
I want a mixer in front of me with sliders knobs and more with Reaper on the screens and NOT using a mouse to do everything.
I know there is Firewire and have read that Thunderbolt 3 is being released for a wider use. That could be a long way off who knows
But even the existing Firewire mixers won't tell me if they will do on screen control, It's like they all assume I already know everything about everything so they don't write anything about it, and I don't know those things.
I'm hoping someone here can give me a direction maybe some helpful info about, of what will do what I want.
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Awesome post Slaptop!

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Look up Zoom R16/ R 24. Its an 8 track portastudio/ interface. Its still USB, but allows for standalone operation. Another option would be Mackie Onyx (there is even behringer mixer that allows for 8+ separate tracks) or similar
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There are a lot of USB interfaces that have more than two inputs.

How many preamps do you need?
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