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Default m1 reaper performance

the performance of the M1 reaper is very small, I checked the arm and Intel version through Rosetta. Almost without plugins, a small project, the reaper crunches, the buffer does not help, the processor is almost not loaded. I did a test with logic under the arm, logic calmly pulls 21 serums and a lot of plugins, oversampling x32 in the limiter, and the reaper crunches already at 10 serums
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Did you try the arm64 Beta version?

From my experience using the arm64 version, I only have issues when I initially add plugins that aren't arm64 supported. It takes a while for them to load properly. But once they're loaded, everything runs smoothly.
However, this is a turn-off for me. So I'm just using the x86_64 version until those issues have been resolved.
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Running the Arm64 version at work and it's all going smoothly, I'm actually enjoying the m1's power, coming from a 2012 laptop seems like a whole new era of computing hahaha hopefully it just gets better with support
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If running in Rosetta, any program in question supposedly can't do much about performance on M1, as it does not even know that it's not running on an X86 CPU.
While Rosetta is praised for its unexpectedly great performance, of course a native version of the program will perform a lot better.

Happily (other then many others) Cockos already does provide a native ARM / M1 / Mac version of their product.

Unfortunately many other brand plugins are not available as "native", But many will automatically run using Rosetta even in "native" Reaper.
Even more unfortunately many plugins are not specified to be used on M1 even regarding Rosetta and even in a DAW running unter Rosetta (e.g. NI Kontakt).

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The performance of the REAPER-ARM here has been great and I'm pretty sure it will get better and better once more plug-in developers release their M1-ready versions.
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Seems like a good backup unit to my current workstation I have to say. With Reapers efficiency and my lack of need for VST instruments, even the smallest unit may be fine.

Interesting to see where this goes.
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I have to throw in my 2 cents also and say that the ARM-64 version has been running great for me. Very fast and efficient. Yes, there is some initial lag at first when loading in an x86 plug-in, but once loaded it works fine. I just wish the x86 plug-ins didn't have two windows open. They go stand-alone window AND the plug-in window...whereas Universal plug-ins are contained in the plug-in window as they should.

Not sure how they can fix this, but a native M1 DAW like Bitwig 4.0 can use Universal and x86 plug-ins side by side without any apparent problems. You don't even notice it unless you see (x86) next to the plug-in name. But I'm not sure that M1 Macs are a top priority at REAPER...which is why they still list it as "beta"...even though it's really stable.
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I understand the Reaper ARM-64 version is a Native M1 DAW ?!?!?

... and still in Beta is funny regarding that no NI plugins are available native and Kontakt is not even specified for Rosetta.

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