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Default Questions on Group Webcam jam

I have seen where occasionally some people using livestream or have used the apparent feature of these services which allows one primary account user to join a few other webcams with their own and then stream them all simultaneously.

My question: Since I know when I stream my own webcam on livestream alone, I am transmitting the audio I am hearing locally in Reaper and coupled with the fact as I understand it that the way Ninjam essentially works is in delaying what someone plays in one pass of the metronome until I hear it a measure later.

So in joining webcams of other Ninjammers, although streaming their webcams along with my own, wouldn't the audio typically be from just my one local Reaper audio stream alone? and not the audio from the other Ninjammers?

and so ultimately therefore wouldn't all the other webcams then, visually be out of sync with the audio being streamed?

If anyone has any clue, thanks. I hope I am articulating my question sufficiently.
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Short answer: yes.

Medium answer: other people know more about this than me!

Long - and possibly useless - answer:
The video streams aren't synchronised with each other at all, of course, so you're not losing much and gaining a lot by not transmitting any audio on any of them!

Having someone in the jam transmitting the mixed stream on one of the feeds is okay but having the audio more than once is just asking for trouble. I'd say keep it separate - maybe even have it as an audio-only stream.
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Ok thanks, this is what I had assumed, that there really wouldn't be any way to simultaneously stream more than one cam and have them all visually in sync with one jammers audio used as the primary audio being streamed since what I hear is being delayed. I definitely wouldnt consider trying to stream several separate audio streams from Ninjam at the same time, that would most likely be a mess.

I guess the easiest solution would be to try and edit the footage together to hopefully sync up. I believe Livestream offers the ability to download a video as .mp4.

Although maybe somehow with Ninjam-Cast or even the Reaper Shoutcast plugin there might be a way to possibly re-sync the audio to video, using the Ninjam servers Shoutcast stream, but I'm not sure. I seem to recall in trying the Reaper Shoutcast plugin that it noticably delays the Shoutcast audio stream by a few seconds after from what I am hearing locally, but again even with this possible scenario, in using any delayed audio, although it may be then in sync with the other cams, it would probably still be out of sync with my own cam.

thanks again for info.

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Thanks for information.


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No problem "Oceanking". I see you are new here, having only just registered yesterday.

I saw your other post here regarding Gold testing "equipments"

I have a special Gold medallion depicting the giant magical Hindu Rat-God which I like to wear when I play the drums. I will need to have this tested for authenticity immediately.
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