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Default Some kind of sample player

before switching to mac/reaper from windows/cubase I loved using a drum sample player which simply triggered some of my favourite drum wavs using midi.
it was called 'grizzly', it was dead simple - you could change the vol/pan of each sample and add a few simple effects too.

I can't find anything so far that can replace that for my new set up (admittedly i'm totally new to reaper and to mac so 'scuse my general incompetence) but does anyone know of any similar pieces of software, or maybe something within reaper itself that can achieve similar results?


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ReaSamplomatic is for that purpose, although might be a bit too simple for you.
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As usual, Shortcircuit 1.1.2 comes to mind.


EDIT: I just answered that in the OSX forum, didn't I? Sorry, please ignore it

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