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Default Upsampling 1st order Ambisonics for hexagonal array

Hi there,

I am looking to upsample a 1st order AmbiX file to 2nd order so I can play it back on a hexagonal speaker array (horizontal only).

Is this actually possible and how can I approach it?

I see that the Harpex-X plugin allows you to decode an AmbiX input to higher order output. Has anyone done this or could guide me through the process?

Looking forward to hearing any advice you can give. Thanks!
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Harpex is great for going from 1st to 3rd order. You can try out a demo to see if it will get you the resolution you are hoping for. It is a bit on the pricey side. The user interface is fairly intuitive so doing what you are asking with it should be relatively easy.

The Sparta plugin suite is free to use and has upsampling capabilities using a different algorithm. They can upsample up to 7th order and allow for variable upsampling resolution by frequency band. My thinking is you could use the Compass upmixer and then whichever decoder to your hexagonal array that you like.
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Also, don't forget that the result depends a lot of the sound content.
With only 6 horizontal speakers 1st order can be enough for ambient recordings and will allow a good spatial covering.

On the other hand, if the content comes from something that has been processed previously without ambisonics, yes, having the higher order is better even with a low number of speakers to keep the original accuracy.

But if it has already been encoded in 1st order, the damage is done and the upscaling process can even make it worse, mostly with the Compass plugin that allows extreme spectral and transients transformations...
In that case, it might be better to avoid multiple processing stages and directly use the Compas Decoder with your 1st order file.
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