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Default Is this possible ?

In theory can I have reaper running on one pc and via a mixer feed it into another pc and record .

IE Have drumazon banging away on one pc fed into the mixer as if it was "real" then mixedwith the other inputs voice guitar etc and recorded on another reaper pc ?

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand if so isn't there a way to do this across the network ? I've kind of got my head round reamote, is it possible to have something like ninjam on a home network and tehere do away with the mixer ( to a degree ) ?
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Did you know you can "Save Live Output To Disk"? It's an option in the File menu which allows you to record everything that's going through your REAPER mixer for as long as you are jammin' away!

So for instance, if you arm your instrument inputs and turn monitoring on, then you can play/stop/rewind your drumazon and it will record the Master uninterrupted without the need for a second PC or even an external mixer!

You'll see when you select the menu option that you can tell it to save output only while playing or recording + stop saving output on first Stop.. well if you want things to continue when you hit stop & move around on the timeline just make sure both of those are unticked.

One final note - be sure to remember to select the menu option again to *stop* it recording!!

Hope that's what you're looking for.. but if you do need to use a second PC to record for any reason just bung back more details of what you want to achieve.

Incidentally if you want to record different instruments & drumazon individually, then even that can normally be done on a single PC by opening a second instance of REAPER on the same machine and using ReaRoute.. but that can depend on your audio interface, your PC spec, disk performance etc.
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Some good advice there thank you
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