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Default Ardour - Ubuntu Studio and such

Is there anyone who's had any experience with this daw?
It doesn't look bad:

An I guess it's kinda free (donationware?) so I thought I'd give it a shot when the ubuntu studio is released (end april) but if anyone has already some experience on this please post
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it is not bad for recording and mixing, but it`s only audio, no midi, and no vst. Well, the LADSPA effects are lots and ok. But with linux i prefer MUSE.
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This is a guy from a band I just worked with. He was pretty jacked up about it and looking forward to spending more time tweaking it.
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I've tried Ardour every 6 months since it first appeared years ago and have always given up after a few days of trying. I love the idea, but the implementation leaves a lot to be desired. And as much as I'd love to jump to Linux, there's waaay too much in Windows I'd nead, Reason, pro VST plug-ins etc.

I tried the incarnation you speak of and it does work, but I've had way more luck with Reaper in the last month than in the years of trying Ardour. Ardour 2.0 is leaps and bounds better, but it's still clunky and limited to the public plug-ins available. The Jack/ALSA/X11 interface is far from plug and play. I makes reapers i/o window look positively simple.
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I recall and older post where someone got REAPER running on Linux via WINE. I havent tried it but probably will at one point. A few guys also got Reason 3.0 running on Linux. I had a "how to" guide bookmarked but cant find it at the moment.

Justin also hinted at Reaper on Linux once he gets the Mac stuff rollin'.

Reaper 2.0 and Linux will be fine by me.

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