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Default Useful plugins for vinyl/tape restoration?

I'm middle of transferring some precious old tapes & vinyls, and i was wondering if there are any good free plugins that can be used for "remastering"? Stereo widener, noise remover, click/pop, eq? Also any tips & tricks are more than welcome.


PS. This is my first post as registered (non-commercial) Reaper user.
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I'm not familiar with any plug-ins, but you might find Goldwave helpful. It's an audio editing app. It has a good noise gate, noise reduction, and pop/click filter. It's shareware with a nag pop-up, but it's fully functional without a license (very reasonable price though).


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You can try Acon Acoustica 4 for 3 for 30 days. It is an audio editor and comes with a plugin bundle, rather efficient.
THey also recently released something called "lava", which aims at vinyl restoration.
You can also use Reaper, along with Reafir, Reaeq, and all the JS suite.
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Art Evans
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Stereo widening - MSED from Voxengo (choose "inline" mode).
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