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Default A way to overriding Largo controller mapping? / default instruments folder

I can not profess to be a synth programming guru by any means, but I do tweak some knobs from time to time and frequently like to map various parameters, such as filter cutoff, to my Axiom 61 controls. I know how to map controls and everything generally works fine. However, some synths, such as Largo, seem to have their own default mapping which I can not seem to remove through REAPER. I can assign an Axiom slider to the filter cutoff function, but some other pre-assigned control on the synth remains linked to my chosen controller input, in addition to what I add. "Parameter > Default Controller Mapping" is grayed out and is not selectable. I was hoping there was a way to clear default mapping, but I've found no such method in REAPER or through my research and forum search.

Any wizards out there who have a solution for this?

On an unrelated note, does anyone know how to get the "insert virtual instrument on new track" dialog to open in the folder of one's choice? I always have to click a second time to get into my synths folder, which is almost always where I need to be. By default, it opens in "instruments", which for some reason has none of my VSTi listed. I would simply "add to" my VSTi to the default instruments folder to solve this, but this option is not available either. I've not found either option in the preferences, but perhaps it's attainable somehow in an .ini file?

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