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Default Reaper & Triton Taktile compatibility issues?

Hi all.
First time poster and a self-admitted troglodyte when it comes to using midi keyboards with DAWs, so I hope my issue is potentially something that a more experienced member will have an easy ready answer for.
So I have a Korg Triton Taktile which I bought recently to play some of the soft synths I own using FL Studio & Reaper (Running on Windows 10, 64-bit). I am a guitarist by trade but my music has taken a more expansive turn of late and I bought the Taktile to give me a greater sound palette.
Anyway, it works like a dream with FL Studio. But using it in Reaper has been an ongoing nightmare which has led to a lot of sleepless nights.
As I've said, all I want to do is use the keyboard to play & record the soft synths (Mainly the Triton Legacy Bundle & a few others) & am not interested in using it as a controller as I have been happily using a Faderport for some time.
As far as I know I have followed the Taktile instructions correctly (Created a "Scene" for Reaper in the Taktile, etc) but no joy yet.
Reaper recognises the Taktile is there & under 'MIDI inputs' lists 4 related options: "TR taktile-49"; "MIDIIN2 (TR taktile-49)"; "TR taktile-49 1 DAW IN"; "TR taktile-49 1 KEYBOARD/CTRL".
Under 'MIDI outputs' there are 5 options: "TR taktile-49"; "MIDIOUT3 (TR taktile-49)"; "TR taktile-49 1 DAW OUT"; "TR taktile-49 1 MIDI I/F OUT"; "TR taktile-49 1 SOUND/CTRL".
Each of these options has its own ID number in Reaper but when I go to enable them I get a warning message that basically tells me it can't connect to the Taktile - therefore enabling MIDI inputs/outputs for this keyboard is not an option, which seems to be the crux of the issue.
Is there anyone out there who has familiarity with both the Taktile (or similar) and Reaper & who can put me on the right track?
Please bear in mind I am a real beginner in this area and may struggle with any explanation that is too jargon-ladened or assumes I am more tech-savvy than I am, particularly when it comes to the world of MIDI. Nevertheless I would massively appreciate any form of help to get me up and running.
Many thanks & regards in advance
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