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Default solution to Playtime not properly saving/recalling layouts

lol, gotta respond to brummbear's response to my post #958, and provide the solution i found in hopes it may help someone...

selection of Live vs Prg or other LP Pro mode is somewhat immaterial, the differences being the specifics of communication protocol between the LaunchPad and the host, and the specific MIDI message sent from LP to host upon a trigger, and how the LP responds to MIDI messages from the host, MIDI channels used, etc. which MIDI port is used doesn't really matter (beyond port 3 being the one that is intended for the actual MIDI port on the LPPro rather than USB) - the only thing special about port 1 is that it is set up for communication with Ableton Live, and some device inquiry and response stuff happens automagically between the LP and Live. as a rule, i use port 2 unless i am in fact using Live.

as a degreed EE, a personal mantra is "RTFM", documentation exists for a reason. the Playtime manual has virtually nothing to say about using a LaunchPad Pro, beyond stating that it works and that its layout is ideally suited to use with Playtime.

the issue i was having had nothing to do with how i was using the LPPRo, the issue was a failure of Playtime to properly recall layouts saved from within Playtime.

what i discovered, through a bit of trial and error, is that if i do the trigger assignment BEFORE the clip assignment within Playtime, saved layouts recall/load correctly. if i do clip assignments before trigger assignments, layouts do not reload correctly. so a pretty easy 'fix', i just created a template which has no clip assignments but which has my preferred trigger assignments. once clip assignments are made and the new layout or template is saved within Playtime, it loads correctly down the road.
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Hi, I had this idea for a feature that could be really powerful for live sessions using Playtime, but I'm not sure that it would be possible within a plugin framework.

The idea is having having Reaper analyze a midi input's tempo and then applying quantization and tempo to the clip afterwards. The purpose would be for playing live without a metronome and without a set tempo beforehand, but have playtime or Reaper set a tempo as soon as Playtime clips are enable.

Thus you could have a dynamic live performance, but still use playtime for looping without having to worry about metronome clicks. When the playtime clips are punched in, you simply use that as you rhythmic baseline, which could be more musical and intuitive way to perform with clips. It could also alleviate problems with input quantization while not being able to hear the metronome, and time issues, if you are a little slow or fast on the beat. You wouldn't need a dedicated headphone mix, when using playtime.

You could add precision to the analyzation by defining what midi notes are set as kick, snare and hi-hat and have it set a tempo based on those factors.

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Originally Posted by helgoboss View Post
Playtime's undo/redo is not mappable yet, will be in the next pre. Yes, some automatic light reset on load/close would make sense. I think I've tried once to implement it for close and didn't have success but I'll try again.
It looks like this project is about to fall asleep. I have searched the statistics of helgoboss (not meant to be offensive). There ist not so much development obviously in the past few months.

I´d love to see further improvements and first of all more launchpad adaptions.
The post I replied to is the last post of Helgoboss in the Playtime thread.
It ist from august last year.

So Helgoboss, I hope you are well and can give some information on this project.

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Default LED Mapping for Quneo

Just sharing my mapping to use the Keith Mcmillen Quneo LED feedback with Playtime! Requires Realearn.

Quneo LED Mapping

This is meant for the grid mode setting, so 64 triggers across the 16 pads.

Put the "Quneo 64.json" file in "C:\ProgramData\Playtime\controllers" and load the "Playtime.quneopreset" template into your Quneo through the Quneo editor.

Also, install Realearn! The track template requires Realearn, as there is an instance in the input FX's which you have to point to your Quneo controller as the midi input.

Then just load the track template in Reaper, set the midi hardware output to the QUNEO, set the "MIDI Control Input" in Realearn to QUNEO, assign tracks for the slot groups you want to use, and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps somebody out!
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Robbie Hogg
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Just found this plugin and i freakin love it.
Just got a couple of questions.

1. Is possible to turn on and off individual loops within a scene?
Every time i click on an item it just starts the loop for that item again. I did try it with a Midi app on my phone and managed to get it working that way but using the phone is a pain and i don't have a Launchpad style interface at the moment.

2. Is there a way to set it up so that when i start using Playtime it doesn't skip to the end of the first bar of the next 4bars of where the play head is located?
Eg 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and i want the play head to start at 2.1 doesn't matter where i set the play head it will jump to 2.2.
I have the 4 bar measures colour coded and like the visual reference as to where i want to start the next set of loops from and find it a bit confusing having to start loops at the x.2 bar.
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Robbie Hogg
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Ok so i found exclusive mode allowing single loops to be turned on and off but have just started having some problems with what appears to be a kind of buffering issue especially after about the 4 minute mark.
I have 6 loops one is an audio loop and the rest are Midi triggering a synth, plus 2 of the tracks i am recording on the fly into loop slots.
I have had up to 50 tracks playing in the past using reaper normally without having any buffering issues so i'm wondering if it is a buffering issue or something else.
It pauses for a second or so then continues for a while then pauses again for a second and continues.
I do plan on using this live eventually so would appreciate some help on preventing it from happening.
My laptop is a Windows 10, i7-9750H @ 2.6GHZ and will boost up to 4.5GHZ with 16GB Ram
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Robbie Hogg
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Ok so i have figured out how to stop Playtime jumping one bar at the start of the project.
For anyone else who is trying to figure it out in Playtime under settings set it like this.

Play clips with arrangement: OFF
Play arrangement with clips: ON
Playtime will start from where ever you have the play head set.

Still having issues with the project pausing and starting again. Tried moving the project to my SSD from an external HDD and seems to have made a small difference although it still happens.
Would love some help in trying to figure this out and if anyone else has had this issue.
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