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Default SlowTools? What's the deal?

Right - I've been on this board for a while now, and I've been hearing a lot of anti-protools propaganda. This is all good fun; it's good to hear that REAPER is a preferable piece of software for many - even in comparison to the sort that costs loadsamoney.

Now, I used ProTools about 5 years ago while I was at University. It was ok. But I was making very abstract stuff and so wasn't really trying to use the software to make anything in particular - rather just using it to dick around and make funky sounds. But yeah, it was ok. I had no particular views.

The studio where I'm working are [thinking about] getting a ProTools rig. And while I point out that there's not really anything it can do that we can't already do - the idea is that it's a good promotional tool, in the 'if you build it they will come' type way. Obviously I'd prefer our promotion to be the quality of music we record, but that's just me.

So my question, finally. Technically - is ProTools anything special? If not, what's it's disadvantages (other than price)? How does REAPER officially kick its arse?
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If you asked this a few years ago, when it was pre PTHD, there were lots of technical reasons NOT to use the thing. It was years behind other apps, even free ones in sample rates, audio formats, and workflow

Interestingly the same PT fanatics today used to say that PT in the mix days was perfect...of course they wont admit that now

My BIGGEST technical issue in PT is the fact that (up till the last version I messed with ) you cant even see the contents of audio events as you move them. This seems so blatently ridiculous I cant even listen to PT fanatics, just cant take them seriously.

I have MAJOR issues with editing in the app, and despite cries of protest to the contrary, every time I test editing speed betweeen me and a PT guru, I beat them...havent tried in reaper yet, but in Vegas it was easy pickings, and reaper is more of the same...

The inability to see what you are doing, the need for a mess of mouse tools, MACintosh conventions even in the PC version (single button philosophy, yeah I know mac's have more than one button now, blah blah blah, but PT is very much riddled with the mac one button paradigm)

Philisophically, I have some serious greivances with this app, and the parts of the industry that embrace its practices, but thats not really a technical thing....

All this said, we do have a PTHD7 accel rig, so we can tell knuckleheads "yes we have PT". Of course I never use it, EVER, probably wouldnt even know how at this point, but it gets rented to the zillions of conservatory kids here, untill their parents buy them their own, and has paid for itself many times over.

I also keep a 002 on hand so I can open PT sessions when they come in, but even the cheaper m-powered thing will this just fine...consolidate and send it to reaper
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Originally Posted by pipelineaudio View Post
My BIGGEST technical issue in PT is the fact that (up till the last version I messed with ) you cant even see the contents of audio events as you move them.
It's *still* like that?????

I remember "discussing" this with a PT guy and he says "no problem, all you have to do is select a hit point on both files, and do (something) and then (somethingelse)...

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