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Default A Windows 7 and Vista question.

Hi. In Windows 7 and Vista, when looking at a folder full of wavs and mp3s, is there a way to keep Explorer from displaying columns for Artist, Album, Genre, Rating, and all that other junk, and instead just let me see file names and last modified dates (etc) like it does with non-audio files? It's really annoying to go to a folder full of my own stuff and have it displayed like it was stuff from CDs.

I've looked in all the usual folder options places, but haven't found where I can turn this off.

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Hey Marah,

Just right-click on one of the columns and you'll see a check list of columns to hide and display.


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You can also change the folder template for that folder:

Right-click empty space in the folder in question in Win Exploder->Properties->'Customize tab'-> in the "Use this folder type as template" box select "documents" instead of "multimedia".
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