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Default A wild beeping appears!

i all, Time for another strange question/problem. This one involves a strange beeping on mouse clicks in Reapers main window.

I just did a significant restructuring to accomodate my new mixer and a new motherboard/Power supply so the traceback is going to be a bit involved.

After getting my computer back up and generally hooked up and functional with minimal connections (That included the latest Reaper upgrade), I set out today to reconnect my second rack. Prior to this I did mot notice anything amiss. In the process I changed some USB cables and eliminated a USB hub for more things directly connected to the computer (Win7/Haswell/Focusrite 18i20).

Now I get a quick beep through the speakers (monitoring through a Mackie 1604) It is making this beep whenever I click in the main/work window and a solid beep that holds it's tone (sort of an upper midrange flute type sound) whenrver play is pressed. It does this with only a soft synth on a track and nothing else or with my Integra...or with no tracks on the work screen at all.

Anyone have a clue on this? The Mixer software in the focusrite is telling me the beep happens BEFORE it is being passed through to the Mackie, beining that even with the mackie off, the meters register the beep. My midi hub, a MOTU flashes activity on the click and otherwise seems to be acting normally when playing.

Just to be clear, This is -only- happening in reaper and just in the main window. If I click the left window with the controls/faders, no beep. All other windows activities/programs appear unaffected. Also, this is happening with the second rack connected or not.

I'm to burnt tonight to dive into the total teardown but that's the plan for tomorrow and then go step by step. But any clues as to where I might concentrate my efforts is much appreciated.

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Problem solved.

A reload of Reaper was all it took to fix the problem, but I cannot for the life of me understand what could have caused this to begin with.
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