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Default Question about item's length and source length

Here is a simple reaper project that has only an item. I already set it to media source start and end. So the item's length and source length of it are suppose to be equal, right?

But I ran this script to check:

it=reaper.GetMediaItem(0, 0)


length=reaper.GetMediaItemInfo_Value(it, "D_LENGTH")





and I got this result:

So why doesn't length-orilen equal to zero, but a number that is clse to zero?
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Seems there is some roubding issue, maybe from a sample or sub sample value. Not sure why.
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Check out this thread: GetMediaItemInfo_Value API does not return the real values.

* REAPER's IDE and ShowConsoleMsg don't display floating point numbers to their full precision, so numbers may seem equal even if they are not.

* 4.4408920985006e-016 is close to the limits of the previous two numbers' 64-bit float precision, so this is probably just normal floating point errors, not sample rounding.

* Floating point numbers should never be compared directly for equality. Instead, compare their difference to a tiny cutoff value such as 1e-14 (or whatever is about 14 decimals smaller than your expected value range).

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