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Default Ipad- insanely frustrated

So, decided to get an ipad 6th gen 32 gb to do some music on mainly due to its touch screen. I have a bit of wrist issues and mousing around for production is time consuming and hurts after a while.

Enter my first iPad. I LOVE it! Love the touch screen interface. Everything i do with the mouse i do much quicker with pain free relative ease on the pad BUT... coming from windows and android the CLOSED NATURE of the iOs environment is VERY FRUSTRATING and im having problems with work flow.. AGAIN.

The main issue im having is importing sounds. Like... every freaking app i use MAKES me use iTunes.. to import sounds. Not happening and very counterproductive and counterintuitive. No inherent file manager browser?? Everything is done through itunes? There was a reason I switched to an android phone years back, and it was mainly due to this, and 6 years later, same shit.

In fact, I ONLY GOT AN IPAD for beatmaker 3 since its not on droid and caustic doesnt cut it for me. Seems impossible to file transfer via bluetooth from my droid to the ipad, cant find any app. The ones ive tried.. dont work. Dont have wifi at home so thats out of the question. Went to best buy to see if they had a male to male 3.5 trs to trrs.. since id like to pipe audio from one device to another and sample it.. dood didnt even know what i was talking about.. called guitar center, dont want to purchase a freakin irig or i anything. Im considering returning my ipad but i dont really want to..

Just. Need a word of advice, help or anything. Feeling claustrophobic again with ios

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