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Default get_device_open_time

Hi there

I can't get "get_device_open_time" to work properly. Is there any examples for this that I have missed?

The idea is to check when Reaper is opened and if certain time has passed, do some stuff. I got it working when detecting my midi controller, but it seems it can't detect when Reaper is open. I tried this:

@input hw_input MIDI "mycontroller"
@input osc_input OSC "" // Reaper
@output hw_output MIDI "mycontroller"
@output osc_output OSC "" 1024 0 // Reaper


( ((get_device_open_time(hw_output)-start_time) > 0) && (lock==0) ) ? (
printf("\nDEVICE OPEN");


start_time = time;

But as I say, if I substitute "hw_input" with "osc_input" this code is not working. Any ideas what am I doing wrong?
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