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Default Quality on different devices

I'm fairly new to mixing and am better at live audio, but I've recently picked up studio mixing. My final product sounds good when played through home speakers, headphones, through my phone, etc., but when played through my car speakers, the quality just... drops. The song sounds empty and not as full as any other band I would play through my car speakers. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
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This is one of the reasons audio mastering exists. It's why people spend years learning to mix and loads of money on acoustical treatment. When you mix in a room with acoustical problems (e.g. nearly every room that isn't specifically treated for them), you get a mix that works well only in that room. It's also why you can't use regular speakers or consumer-grade headphones to create professional soudning mix. Studio monitors need to produce a flat, even response in order to mix accurately.

Bass on headphones is not the same as bass on loudspeakers. If your mix has bass problems, a car will tell you that quickly. Earbuds will not. Try comparing commercial mixes on the same systems while you mix and listen closely to the differences. Use an analyzer like Voxengo SPAN to help you understand visually what you're hearing.

Basically, you can fix your listening environment, or try to learn how to compensate for it by referencing on different systems in different rooms and trying to fix it iteratively from memory.

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