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Default Solved - Return To Zero on X Touch Universal & Reaper

Having just recently obtained an X Touch Universal I'm very pleased with it and have figured out a good few of the Reaper functions (running with Klinke MCU) but can't seem to find the RTZ return to zero or FTE forward to end functions on the X Touch?

On the 5 Transport buttons the Forward and Backward controls just seem to advance (or retard) by one bar at a time. Keeping the buttons depressed does speed up the motion but I would have thought that there should be some way of directly performing the basic RTZ or FTE actions? Maybe it's a combination of buttons I just haven't tried yet!

Anybody use the X Touch Universal with Reaper who could help me out please?

Many thanks

Solved - Apparently it's button combination Control + << or Control + >> on the X-Touch. I read another forum thread where someone kindly laid out the functions of the X Touch buttons and their combinations. There doesn't seem to be a comprehensive operation manual from Behringer (just a quick start guide). Shame....as it's such a solidly built controller with lots to offer.

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