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Default Good and simple Drums VSTi?

Anybody have a recommendation for a decent-sounding, free, and most importantly simple VSTi drumkit? I've been trying to work on some stuff in Reaper instead of Cubase SX 3, and one thing I was disappointed to discover is that the plugins from Cubase don't work in other VST hosts, most notably the LM-7 drum synth.

I always used this synth as a placeholder while I was working on a song so I could have drums without spending much time getting the sound that I wanted out of them. The nicest thing about it was it had some usable samples built in, and from the moment you added it it was ready to go. I've found a lot of interesting-looking samplers, but I don't really want to spend any time at all worrying about the drums until I'm ready to focus on them. Any ideas?
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You could try Erratic http://www.delamancha.co.uk/erratic.htm - it has a good few presets.

Also Cubix http://www.psychicmodulation.com/Cubixv1.0.1.zip or Drumatic http://www.e-phonic.com/plugins/drumatic3.php .
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Default GTG Drumsampler

Or, try GTG Drumsampler. Two flavors, one is a multi out version. You can load your own samples in either.
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check this thread: http://www.cockos.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7587
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I really like Toontrack's EZdrummer. The samples sound excellent, it's expandable and the MIDI clips are very versatile. Just drag and drop into Reaper tracks and edit away. I think it's about 150 dollars and comes with two "kits" each kit with different drums for different sounds.

I don't have a big sample collection to use with a "freebie" sampler, so I got EZD and usually end up using EZD drums in finished product it sounds so good and is easy to use.

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