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Default starting from the beginning


my goals are simple
record my guitar and voice

i have tried several times in the past to learn how to use recording software - but the resources for beginners were very limited

needless to say - i have spent a lot of money trying and have nothing (yet) to show for my efforts.

i've owned pro tools lite - cubase ai5

i'd pretty much given up on the recording thing.

this morning i discovered a book on amazon - Home Recording for Beginners by Geoffrey Francis - i paid my $25 - it should be here Wednesday

my fingers are crossed -

this my question is - without other resources than Geoffrey's book(s) and this forum - will i be able to teach myself how to record my guitar and voice?

is it going to be really hard to do?

many thanks
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In my opinion, getting started with Reaper is pretty easy. But it depends on you. If you read the manual, read the book, and search the forums, I think you should be up and running pretty quickly. The people on this forum tend to be very helpful to anyone who asks a respectful question. Usually, my questions are answered just by searching the forum for older conversations, but if something still baffles you, the people here are great.

Good luck! It's not that hard once you get the general idea.

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The technological hurdle is not the DAW, it is the hardware interface. What are you connecting your guitar and mic to? Don't just plug them into your sound card (although you can), pick up a multi channel USB interface and follow the manual instructions. Its not rocket science.
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Have a look at some of the Reaper tutorials on Youtube if you can (sorry unable to link atm, someone else may be able to assit).

These may give you more of a direct view on how to do things with Reaper. Don't give up! It may be tedious at first but once you lean the basics it's all good. And Reaper is constantly getting better as well.
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