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Default Two Questions/Advice

I'm looking to record my first track tonight. I am a newbie to Reaper, but I have used other DAW's before, so I have some ideas. This is also my first time recording on a MAC....a couple basic things:

-I am recording hip hop - I have my beats as one track (no option for me there) and I record layers of vocals
-I am using a Samson co1u - I know, I know, USB mic, but I have been amazed with how comparable it is to Mics as good as AT4040, Bluebird, etc...unless I want to drop $500 plus, I'm staying with it.

When I record, should I leave the input on mono:left? I am pretty sure the answer is yes here, but why not mono right? Or does it not matter? Stereo is NOT a good choice for vocals....correct?

I used to use ASIO, but I don't think I need it here, but I wanted to check. I chose "Samson Co1u for my input, then went into my MAC preferences and chose the built in output options, which seem to work fine in my trials.

Please let me know of anything I am missing/should do differently. I want to start getting the vocals down, then I will learn more about fading/layering/effects in Reaper....but I want to get the vocals down the best way I can first.

Thanks for your time!

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just post again in the same thread if it didn't get any attention. no need to make duplicates.
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