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Default make close-miked instrument sound more natural

I'm not a recording engineer - rather I produce music from VST software instruments including samplers, running inside Reaper. But I have a problem I think recording engineers would appreciate.

Mainly I listen to and compose/produce classical styles of music, with samples of acoustic instruments. I'm not a huge fan of close-miked classical recordings. The instruments sound unnatural from that close and the balance of the ensemble never seems right. Worse, sometimes they use microphones that just can't handle the powerful transients and volume at close range.

This is a separate topic, but I have a recording of Boulez's "Derive 2" that sounds not only close-miked, but every instruments sounds hardened and roughened when it gets loud.

More to the point, my classical samples sound close-miked.

So what I'm interested in doing is applying something, some kind of filter or smart filter or something that makes close-miked things sound less close-miked. A simple EQ hasn't been too successful, because what makes something sound close-miked is a combination of dynamic factors, like relative brightness at different dynamics, and the quality of transients, more than just a tonal balance.

At least *I* haven't been able to get a simple EQ to work. But advice welcome.

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