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Default Acoustic foam from ebay LOL

My previous post was cable quality from ebay, now I am going to please you with 3cm thick acoustic foam also from the same place. I just bought one knowing well what rubbish one can end up with but didn't expect something this bad.
This thing it's like a soft wet rag it' can't even hold shape let alone stand up. It's all discolored and I can pretty much see through it. Kitchen sponge had far more density than this :-)
It's beyond belief what some of these sellers would sell you.


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I ordered some of these:
Works fine
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Yeah those are proper foams. I have a couple of foams, they're heavy and when you talk to them it's like talking to a black hole. Absolutely nothing comes back. That's a good stuff I got once from local studio. I think the foams they sold me on ebay are the stuff that is used for cover underlayer when they make lunge seats. Looks like it's just been dyed black, hehe.
I'm gonna hit them with money back case. Not for lousy $2 but because if people do nothing there will be more and more junk on the market.
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It's beyond belief how anyone would expect anything remotely useable for $2.
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That type of foam, even in great condition wouldn't do you any good anyway, it could potentially make things worse - you want broadband and/or bass absorption using something like fiberglass/rock wool, corning 703 or some equivalent that converts sound waves into heat.
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Yeah, that's just mattress foam. May as well go to the Mart of Wal.

There are sellers on Ebay that sell "remnant" acoustic foam. I've bought some wedge foam at maybe 20% less per than "retail" that was fine... but you've got to research it.
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Originally Posted by Stella645 View Post
It's beyond belief how anyone would expect anything remotely useable for $2.
Nah, I didn't expect it to do anything in the first place. I wanted to stand it up against the wall so I can pin notes to it. I got one I all ready use for that. But it won't stand, it just crumples to the ground, hehe.
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I'm kinda leery of cheap acoustic foam:


In that article they mention some neighbor that was complaining of noise. Played lots of metal in lots of clubs, spend most of my time before going on stage outside... the majority of the "noise pollution" outside the venue is low end...

Foam won't do squat for low freq. The only thing that will do that is mass.

This is interesting from https://www.thefoamfactory.com/acousticfoam/faq.html :
What would happen if fire were exposed to your acoustic foam?
Our acoustic foam will smolder and smoke, but it will not burst into flames. After the source of fire is removed, the foam will self-extinguish.

Note: Foam Factory does not encourage exposing our products to extreme heat, fire or performing any home testing of our products. Foam Factory will not be held liable for any injury or loss sustained from the misuse of our products.

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A timely post. I just got done building and installing 12 panels in my studio. I bought the fiberglass from ATSAcoustics out of Canada. They have a 'house brand' fiberglass that is acoustically identical to Corning 703, but costs half as much. I got 12 panels 2"x4'x2' for about $160 US, including shipping. I put another 60 bucks into fabric, and about 40 more for lumber, hanging hardware and staples. So it worked out to about $23 per panel or so.

It took me 2 weeks to build them.

The hardest part was deciding optimal placement. I have an L shaped room. The main part is 32'x19', with a bar area that's 11'x12' adjacent to the listening sweet spot. I spent 2 days using REW with a measurent mic, moving groups of panels around methodicallyl, to figure out which walls caused which freq nodes and nulls and another day (today in fact) installing them to minimize those nulls and peaks as well as possible. Well worth the effort though, things are sounding great and the sweet spot got a lot bigger.
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