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Default GROUP MIX week 2: "Fiction Meets Truth" submissions and discussion...!

Week 2 Submissions

First off, thank you to everyone that joined in on Week 1's group mix.

Just the same as last week, the goal this week is to mix down the supplied stems using only reaper/free plugins, and to then share your reaper session file as well as a rendered mp3 mixdown. And for those of you who use hardware/pay plugins please feel free to share you're mixes as well. The more mixes to hear and learn from the better.

This week Schmidty has generously offered to supply stems for a country/folk song he's recorded:
mp3 of the song

As for your submissions, please include your .RPP session file and a mp3 of the rendered mixdown. If you use any free non reaper plugins please include links to them as well. And for those that use outboard gear/pay plugins you can submit your mp3 mixdown's here as well (i will mark those separate so everyone knows there is no reaper file included).

You can post your submissions in this thread, and I will continually edit this first post to include a list of each person's mix.

thank you again to everyone participating!

submissions with RPP session file
Louie - info mixdown session
l0calh05t- info mixdown session
Nafquo- info mixdown session
Megagoth1702- info mixdown session
pc999- info mixdown session
Reno.thestraws- info mixdown session
Midnight- info mixdown session
doppelgangster- info mixdown session
pipelineaudio- info mixdown session
Schmidty- info mixdown session
Wolffman- info mixdown session
slops- info mixdown session
Toft- info mixdown session
submissions with no session file
PlebianX- info mixdown
Alteregoxxx- info mixdown
MusicienGuitariste- info mixdown
catalin- info mixdown
Lawrence- info mixdown
Gizzmo0815- info mixdown

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-15 dbfs rules! :-)

their preamps are still warm three month after the takes :-)

very (too much) hot on tape...
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what's the original BPM?
not so far from 90, but...
anything more precise?

the tone is B major.
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original tempo is 72.5 on 6/8

or 145 on 3/4

depending on how you count it

(for me it's 6/8 because the drummer play with "ternary" feeling)

sorry My english is pretty bad... I don't kow if we can say that like this

I want to say "un feeling ternaire"
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Friction Meets the Truth - PlebianX MP3 mixdown

Registered just to take part in this, found the thread via the Yep's super-epic WDYRSLA-thread

Just a mixdown, there's commercial magic in my project.

I felt this song was pretty good, but hurt by a monotone arrangement. To break it up I waited till the first instrumental break to bring in the organ, and It's levels dip away in all the verses, towards the end there's some panning around for motion. To break up the constant strumming (which is even more appearant when you have the organ-pad) I laid down some chord strums. The sound on my takamine cheap-o isn't the best, but I feel it helps something happen in the breaks.
I also did something which I would normally hope to not have to do in mix, but I built a backup-vocal by pitching the lead up an octave and cutting out some phrases. Normally I'd grab the first best person who can carry a tune and track it.
Drums are my achilles heal, so I'll readily admit I haven't touched them at all except some quick EQ and gating. You don't have to tell me they're bad, but some tips to make them better are always appreciated

Friction Meets the Truth - PlebianX MP3 mixdown - Dark-organ-mix
I was home sick on a rainy day today, so I decided to try and throw together a mix that goes in another direction. Focus is on the organ in this one, animated low-pass filter to vary the mellowness, I also replaced the kick and snare with rounder thumpier versions.

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Here's my version. I didn't have a whole lot of time or I would have done more editing. There are a lot of clicks in the bass track. I didn't take all of them out. I did change up the bass line because it just didn't fit in certain places. If I was mixing this for real, I would have done a lot more, but this song needs a lot of work.

I used bootsy, ferox and js and reaper plugs:

bootsy: http://varietyofsound.wordpress.com/downloads/
ferox: http://www.freemusicsoftware.org/804

Anyway, here it is:

Song: http://www.box.net/shared/u07bjtj0a2
RPP: http://www.box.net/shared/6ymaxrr0yx
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