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Default inconsistent behavior: MIDI editor, actions, and active/inactive items

if you have your midi editor preferences set so that you can see and edit all of your track midi, you'll see that various actions, commands, etc don't behave the same way.

"select all events" will do what you expect -- all notes are selected, whether or not the item is active. this is the expected behavior.

conversely, "Select all notes with the same pitch" doesn't work as expected. it only applies to notes in the active midi item. expected behavior: "Select all notes with the same pitch."

as another example, "Edit: Move events left/right (mousewheel/MIDI relative only)" does not work. it ignores selected midi notes that are outside of the active item bounds. see here. expected behavior: all selected midi notes should be controlled by the action, regardless of what item they are in.

these inconsistencies make for a frustrating experience -- i feel i cannot trust the actions to behave as expected, so i spend more time mousing around and doing stuff manually rather than developing a workflow using actions.

gluing an entire track's midi is not a viable alternative, since i rely on item bounds to give zoom context while entering a midi item.
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Thanks for the illustrative GIFs. This has been reported in other threads too, and in MIDI editor: Actions that refer to "all" events are named incorrectly/inconsistently, I give a Language Pack that appends either "(active take only)" or "(all editable)" to most of the MIDI Editor actions, in order to make their effects and scope clearer.
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