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This is definitely off topic now, or maybe not, but anyways.

A $100/year developer license is not "expensive" and only needs to be done by 1 person in a larger organization. By comparison, keeping a personal website to allow downloading a plugin costs more than that per year. By comparison, the average small club concert attendee spends close to or much more than $100 per single night for the average music night out (ticket + transport + parking + drinks).

Again the real complaint should be: why can't small independent developers easily receive financial rewards for their contributions to the plugin community which surpasses any minor development cost. The answer: Because there is no marketplace which allows users to buy their goods and/or the developers themselves are not participating in a marketplace. A Plugin repository which provides a code-signed installer for a large variety of plugins is a marketplace. Solution: independent developers should contribute their libraries to a plugin repository which bundles, certifies and installs them for users. Also known as: create a marketplace. The solution is not: Place arbitrary library binaries on ad hoc blogs all across the internet for users to download & install unsafely as machine administrator without any reliability or accountability checks on the library. It is not an artificial gate, the prior user method of copying an unaccoutable DLL into an operating system is a massive hole, it is a bug, which apparently now has been patched. Microsoft itself wanted to eliminate DLL's entirely from the user's control way back in early NT, especially because their system always corrupts a user's collection of DLL's as part of its normal operation. Microsoft did not do that back then because they did not have the technology or infrastructure to provide it. Apple has the technology and infrastructure, so they finally patched the hole.

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