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Default Possible Solutions for installing Plugins on Catalina

I installed a couple vsti's recently in catalina and didnt have a problem other than trying to figure out all the hoops to jump through to download free versions and/or install the companys' installers which would then do some installation. for example I installed bbc orchestra from spitfire audio (talk about hoops to jump thru, to get it free... yikes).

I had some confusion because I couldnt find them in reaper. turned out to be one of the few times when rebooting made everything appear properly.

To run unsigned apps or plugins I have never had to go into terminal or run commands. I run the unsigned installer-app, catalina complains, then I go to system preferences (i.e. like "control panel") and then under the Security pane there is a red warning icon which says "blah blah app is trying to run, allow it to run?" and click Ok. Then re-run the app again.

Btw this does not turn off security features. Except for that 1 app. All subsequent attempts of other apps will still have to go thru the same deny-then-manually-allow process. is offline   Reply With Quote