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Originally Posted by Vasily View Post
this is actually the difference between track FX and item/take FX. if you want be able to edit an item and drag it to other track, you need the item/take FX.

I believe, you actually can add Melodyne as an item FX, but no clue if it really works. for some reason Reaper folks thought that most people will want to use Melodyne as track FX, there may be dragons when using it as item FX. although, everyone will benefit if they would be found and fixed.
I am no programmer anymore, but I am pretty sure that it should be possible also with track FX. I assume in Reaper each item has its own item ID, ARA could transfer that to melodyne, and if melodyne would save these ID's and all the changes made to them in files, then it should theoretically be possible to drag these items anywhere you want. And when you move them back to the track with melodyne loaded it knows the ID and it reapplies the correction.

But maybe ARA is not able to do that yet?
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