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Originally Posted by airon View Post
Exporing to non-free formats like H264 in MP4 containers[INDENT]MP4 video files use AAC audio content. Many folkes use that when uploading to Youtube. Reapers video encoding speed is limited, unless you're using MacOS and the AVFoundation encoder.

For everyone else, it's easier to export to a free lossless format and then transcode that with the highly effective and fast free tool Handbrake.

Target format : MP4 container with H264 video and AAC audio

How to get there : Render lossless video and audio in Reaper and encode final MP4 with the free tool Handbrake.

Get Handbrake here for Windows or OSX :
It comes with many encoding presets for devices and online video sites.

First, render your video with the following settings in Reaper :
MKV container, HUFFYUV video codec, 24 bit PCM audio
This will produce a rather large file. Check your video dimensions and frame rate before starting the render, so they match the source video in your timeline. The small arrow box on the right lets you pick various resolutions, frame rates or the resolution and frame rate of the source video.

Now use that resulting file as a source video in Handbrake, pick your preset and where Handbrake should save your video, and off you go.
Is this strictly a time-saving tip, or is there some quality/file size advantage to this method as well?

Because, on my system, Reaper seems to take about the same amount of time to render the MKV/HUFYUV/PCM as it does the MOV/H264/AAC files. The marginal time saved using the MKV method gets lost tenfold once switching to Handbrake for final encode. At least this is my experience with standard definition video.
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