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Default Pashkuli Keyboard

Not new to the Reaper forum (and Reaper), although not active that much.
I am a Design Engineer by trade (as probably no one of you know).
Recently (well actually quite long ago as an idea) I managed to complete my MIDI keyboard prototype, called Pashkuli Keyboard.

My work on this keyboard is based on the work of Theophilè Dreschke from more than a century ago and the work of Paul von Jankò. The concept generally is based on the idea of a isomorphic layout and uniform keyboards. The most contemporary products based on that concept are the Daskin (USA) and Chromatone (Japan) keyboards.

I believe my design is a step ahead into the concept of uniform keyboards. Please, see the attached photos for more visual representation. I will start shooting short videos about how it feels to play this keyboard.
As a disclaimer I must admit, that I have never played keyboard instruments in my life (only drums, guitars... and whistling).

Here the pinky and the thumb fingers span an octave (renova) interval.
The hand is calm and fingers sit comfortably on the keys, no stretch.

One finger can trigger any two adjacent keys as prime or second intervals. The slight slope is beneficial for the effortless move.

Please, let me read your thoughts. Videos are coming soon on YouTube (Pashkuli Keyboard) and Instagram (pashkuli.keyboard), so please, stay tuned if you like it! Thanks!

Pashkuli Keyboard on Youtube

Pashkuli Keyboard on Instagram
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