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I'm afraid I don't know the name of the default viewer - there's nothing written on it. The top is a black strip with a small number of icons. At the bottom there is a timeline, a pause button, and either side of it a curved arrow (rotation I suppose), the left one being 10 and the right 30.

I don't think I have VLC. I've never downloaded it, and it's not on the menu. It's 40mb, so I can't really justify it right now.

I can't get the screenshot to paste either! It says, position 1.5, length 1.00, there's some stuff about fades in and out. It's got "Active take: 1: Video(1).MOV". Under take properties, it gives the same name, etc.

The only thing I can see that's odd, is where it says, "take media source" it then says 0ch: Video(1).MOV again, but under the little "properties" down there, it says, "file info: unknown file header". The file name is listed as being in the folder "Audio Files" for some reason, when actually it's in its own separate subfolder. Does that mean it's looking in the wrong place?

Sorry for my widespread ineptitude, but this is not made easier by the fact that the expensive over-provided PC I use is as normal collapsing at every moment. Simplest commands taking ages to take effect, as usual.
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